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Magic Body
Oil Candles

These candles are magic! Infused with the energy of tarot cards and honed with the mystical properties of essential oils, simply follow the guided meditation and watch as the wax melts down to create a body oil that you can use to fully embody the vibrational match of your intention. These pair perfectly with our Essential Oil Rollers for instant magic anywhere at anytime!


The Lovers Candle serves to help generate more love into your life. Whether you are looking for a relationship or for some extra self-love, this candle illuminates the love already present in and around you.


The Coins Candle helps you manifest more money into your life. Be it personal or professional, this candle aligns you with the energetic field of attracting money!


The Magician Candle helps you tap into your full potential. If you've been feeling lost or need help accessing your inner strength, this candle allows you to experience what it truly means to step into your power!!


The Moon Candle helps to release emotional blockages keeping you from embracing all of the inner glory that is you! Whether you need to get over an ex or existential crisis, this candle is here to guide you in the direction of finally letting go.

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