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Let's Talk About Dying

(photo/text from August 2nd "Weekly Dose of Love")

Everyone loves to say that they are all about change in their lives but when it comes down to it - nobody is. We fight change every single day. Part of this is because of our individuality. We build an identity around all of these things in our lives (and even our emotional baggage from the past) that when stuff starts leaving it feels like we are dying. Now I understand the word "dying" may seem like a bit of a hyperbole but when you think about it, our ego (this physical body we are in) is only around for one reason: to keep us from dying. This is why we freak out so much when we lose things that we are identified with. That part of our ego is dying. So naturally, we go into this whole spiral because now we don't know who we are anymore. Who am I if I don't drink a beer when I get home from work? Who am I if I don't want to punch Jason every time I think of him? Who am I if start arriving at places early instead of late?

Scary stuff, I know.

Today I encourage you to change something in your life that you have been meaning to for a while. This could be working out more, a new diet, cleaning, finally starting to let go of your resentment to your ex, whatever! This is your life and you get to create it. So might as well only keep the stuff that's serving you!

Have fun "dying" today! ;)

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