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Ted Lasso. Brene Brown. Vulnerability.

If you couldn't tell from the title, I've been watching a lot of Ted Lasso and consequently listening to more of Brene Brown's podcasts than usual (and that's already a lot). Ya'll, I am obsessed with this show. It is a wonderful artistic representation of what it means to live a wholehearted life. And it all comes from being vulnerable. Before we dive deeper, don't worry. This post will contain no spoilers.

When people think about being vulnerable, more often than not, they conjure up images of weakness and pain. That could not be further from the truth. It is true that being vulnerable means allowing yourself to be put in situations that have the potential to hurt you. We do that in order to live life and take from it everything that we can while we are still alive. Brene talks all the time about looking back on your life when you are at the end and wanting to say, "I played the game. I got in the arena. Got dirty. Got messy." We can't say that if we are constantly living in fear, behind our armor.

While I myself am not the biggest supporter of war or fighting in general, think about soldiers heading into battle, putting their lives on the line and putting themselves in an incredibly vulnerable position. Putting yourself in that place is something that requires a certain level of courage that very few of us live our lives with. Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is courageous. Vulnerability is bravery.

I was reminded the other day that we only have a limited amount of time on this Earth (even less if you are lucky enough to become an astronaut). Why then would you ever want to waste a single moment. A single minute. A single second of your life doing something that you are not wholeheartedly invested in. Being someone who is not wholeheartedly you.

Live your life how you want to. Take risks. Get hurt. Learn. Grow. We are more frugal with our money than with our time. Neither of them are real but you can't pass along your time to your loved ones when you're dead. It is something that is, and forever will be, uniquely yours. So own it.

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