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Delusion of Duality

Good and Bad. Right and Wrong. Rich and Poor. When you look at those words, you probably think "opposites." But are they really? Well judging by the title and the fact that I am asking that question, you can probably surmise that I'm going to say they are not. And you'd be right! Look at you being all smart and stuff!

Duality is one of the biggest reasons there is so much tension and strife in the world. People thinking they are better than others because of their beliefs or their social status. It creates division. But what we fail to realize is that opposites are the same thing just to varying degrees. You can't have one without the other. You can't have good without bad. You can't have happiness without sorrow. Just like you can't buy something without it simultaneously being sold. Everything has elements of its "opposite."

Just because something is perceived as "negative" doesn't mean it actually is. When it comes down to it, everything in life is only ever as bad or as good as we make it. It's all how we choose to deal with it. You've heard the saying, "Too much of a good thing is a bad thing." And bad things are actually wonderful opportunities to learn.

When something negative happens to us, it's the Universe's way of letting us know where we need to step up our game. Where our weakest link is. Because once we learn, then it is never an issue again for the future. If we fail to learn and grow then it will always be a problem. Now we can see how too much of a bad thing is also a good thing.

If we are able to realize that everything exists because of everything else, then we can find more of a reason to love our neighbors. When it comes down to it humans are not separate because we are different. We are the same because we are different.

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