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Do You Feel Lost?

Before I moved out to New York, my mother bought me a reiki session. It was incredibly beneficial and, I believe, was the catalyst that started me on this incredible journey. I still get emails from the woman who did the session and they are always filled with wonderful advice.

From that session, I walk around fairly confident and sure of my path - aligned with my higher self for quite some time. A few days back felt like a completely different story, though. I was walking around telling everyone about how lost I felt. That I didn't feel connected or grounded and was unsure of my path. I felt like I lost all of my "superpowers" so to speak. I opened up my email and right up top was an email from my old reiki practitioner and the subject line read: Do You Feel Lost?

If there was ever a message from the universe...

The email shined a wonderful light on this feeling. She explained that the reason we feel this way is because we have let go of some stuff from the past that we have been identifying with. That we have actually just leveled up! Raised our consciousness. Shifted realities. And the reason we don't feel like ourselves is because we are no longer using that stuff as a crutch.

She used the analogy of a snake shedding its skin. In order for a snake to grow, it has to release itself from its old self. Letting go of the thing that served it in the past but is too limiting moving into the future. When a snake sheds its skin, it is a process. It's not as if it happens in a *snap* like POOF! No more past problems! It takes time. And when the snake is done, it has to sit and live in its new body for a bit because it is all slimy and gross. Once it gets moving it has to explore the world in its new, bigger body. Who knows, maybe branches will break under it now that it's bigger? It won't know unless it explores.

If you are feeling lost, congratulations! You have just leveled up! The only thing to do now is to lean into this process. Enjoy it. Come at it with a curious mind. It will help you discover your brand new superpowers so you can take on the world better, faster!

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