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The Meaning of Life

(photo/text from August 9th "Weekly Dose of Love")

The age-old question. Who am I? Why am I here? I'm constantly pondering this question and it frustrates me that, at the ripe old age of 25, I still don't know all of the answers to life's biggest questions. We're always trying to figure out our purpose on this planet and just when we think we've found it, it often slips from our grasp. But that's because as soon as you gain knowledge, you find there is more you don't know. And that's the fun of it! It's just constant discovery! Discovering ourselves is like ancient explorers discovering the various parts of planet Earth for the first time. Traveling into the scary unknown but coming out all the wiser because of it. Look at where we have come because of their willingness to be brave, bold, curious, and vulnerable! And imagine where you will go because of your willingness to be brave, bold, curious, and vulnerable.

There is one way we can improve upon our ancient explorer metaphor. These ancient explorers loved to conquer, destroy, and spread fear. That is not what we are about here in the Hunter Mruz Weekly Dose of Love! (If you couldn't guess we are about love) SO!!! When we come across this scary, unknown stuff as we are exploring ourselves, instead of trying to destroy it and get rid of it, treat it with love and kindness. Find what you can learn from it. Find how you can use it.

It has been said that there are three stages to our spiritual journey. The first stage is we see a "poison tree" in this metaphoric garden we call ourselves and we want to immediately get rid of it because we can't have anything bad in our garden! The second stage is we see this "poison tree" and we build a fence around it, blocking it from harming us and our loved ones but exploring it no further because it's still a disgrace. The third stage is we see this "poison tree" and we allow it to grow and we observe the tree. Eventually, we realize that the poison tree grows medicinal fruit and is actually a benefit to us if used correctly.

I encourage you to treat everything you find in your garden with love and respect and it will treat you the same. After all, this is YOU we are talking about and why would you want to treat yourself with anything less than the love and respect you deserve?

Have fun in your explorations, you beautiful adventurer! I can't wait for you to discover your own "poison trees" and how they serve you!

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