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The Patience of Desire

Desires. Wanting more out of life. Never being satisfied. All very American. Every religious text talks about desires and temptations and how it's all bad and we have to be pure and blah blah blah blah blah. These things that we desire aren't necessarily bad in and of themselves. In fact, it's okay to want more out of your life! However, the desire to have more prohibits us from actually getting it.


Yeah. If you remember from last week's post about self-love, we talked about Dr. David R. Hawkins' chart on the Levels of Consciousness and if you look back at the cart, "desire" was right above "fear." So desire is rooted in fear.

A brief crash course in manifesting. Basically, the energy that we put out to the universe comes back to us. So when we desire an outcome, it limits our ability to get it because of this fear. The energy we are putting out into the universe is actually a fear that we won't get it.

So stop desiring things and then you'll get it.

This concept doesn't make much sense to us, especially to Americans, because we are all about "I want more" and "I have to work hard for what I want" and "If I didn't work and suffer for it, I don't deserve it." Says who?? Says the people exploiting your labor for their own personal gains. The people who need you to keep working. This whole working/money thing is completely made up by us. We were made to lay around all day just eating fruits and enjoying life. When did we start doing all this nonsense? And when did we become okay with it? All desire creates is guilt that we aren't doing enough (which is even further down on the consciousness chart).

So we all agree that it's okay to get stuff without working for it, right? If this wasn't okay then what would it mean for us to get happiness in our life? That shouldn't be something we have to work for (because we already have it within us). Another pitfall of desire. By desiring, we are only telling ourselves that we do not already have it therefore the energy we're putting out into the Universe is "I don't have it" or "It will come in the future." Newsflash: The future is never gonna come, babe. That's why it's called the future. There is a Bo Burnham joke where he says a similar thing: "I'll do that tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and it's still today. Tomorrow is a relative term... Makes Annie a lot more depressing."

The sun will come out tomorrow? Bruh just let the sun shine in! Because you're king of the clouds! (We went from "Annie" to "Hair" to "Panic! at the Disco" - a brief insight into my Spotify.)

Desire comes from the Latin word desiderare which means "await what the stars will bring." The word itself is all about patience and trusting that the Universe will give you what you want. Trust and have faith. It will come when it comes. In the meantime, enjoy what you have now, for it won't always be there.

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